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American Girlhood Films

What's the vision for the American Girlhood Film Cycle? 


Prompted by recent cultural shifts in the US, the film cycle seeks to shine a light on multi-generational female experiences, from everyday grooming rituals to confronting glass ceilings; moments that make us, break us, or teach us to comply. The film cycle is constructed of stand-alone vignettes. The scenes are devoid of outright violence, neat lessons, or contrived story arcs, focusing instead on real time tension and pace. The end goal is to draw the viewer into the time and space of the women. Through evocative cinematography and sensory environments, each episode provides a glimpse into formative moments, from their POV. The time periods are land broadly in the 20th and early 21 century, with nostalgic soundscapes that allow a multigenerational audience to see themselves in the characters.

Each short delves into a coming-of-age narrative, exploring power dynamics and identity formation. The film fragments offer poignant snapshots of girl's experience, including a toddler's defiance amidst familial discord, a child navigating unpredictable adult behavior, a grade schooler confronting societal expectations at a dinner party, a tween grappling with unwanted attention, a middle aged woman re-inventing herself, and two teens challenging authority. Each storyline provides a compelling exploration of resilience and self-discovery.

Here's a bit about one project in development - "Marjory's Journey"

Here's a peak at the process that got us this far!

Scan through the original Concert pitch deck, or watch a run through the storyboards. 

If you'd like to learn more about the Amercian Girlhood film cycle, please reach out!

The Florida Emerging Filmmakers Fund provides cash in the amount of_Page_06.png
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